"as" keyword woes

Warren DeLano warren at delsci.com
Sun Dec 7 05:19:08 CET 2008

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> If you write a PEP, I advise you to try to sound less whiny and than
> you have in this thread.  
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Ehem, well, such comments notwithstanding, I thank everyone who
responded to my latest post on this topic for taking my inquiry
seriously, and for providing cogent, focused, well-reasoned feedback
while not resorting to name-calling, to false accusations on top of
baseless assumptions, or to explicit personal attacks on my competence,
sincerity, experience, credibility, or form.  

To you especially, I am grateful for your input for your years of
service to the community and to the noble ideals you embody in the
Python project.  May the rest of us (not just myself) be ashamed of our
lesser conduct and learn from you exemplary performance.

So to summarize, having assimilated all responses over the past several
days (python-list as well as python-dev, for the newcomers), I now
accept the following as self-evident:

-> "as", as a Python keyword, is a here to stay:  Love it or leave it.

-> Likewise ditto for the GIL: if you truly need Python concurrency
within a single process, then use a Python implementation other than

Season's greetings to all!  Peace.


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