var or inout parm?

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Fri Dec 12 17:53:53 CET 2008

sturlamolden wrote:
> On Dec 12, 5:13 pm, Steve Holden <st... at> wrote:
>>> It should be the tuple's __setitem__ that was invoked here, not
>>> __iadd__, or the parser is faulty.
>> OK, so now you are proposing to alter the parser, and possibly the
>> implementation of the INPLACE_ADD opcode in eval.c, so can you give us
>> the patch for those, please?
> What? Take a look at the code again:
> mytuple[0] += 1
> should never attempt an __iadd__ on mytuple.
> A sane parser would see this as:
> tmp = mytuple.__getitem__(0)
> tmp = tmp.__iadd__(1)
> mytuple.__setitem__(0, tmp) # should this always raise an exception?
>> Discussion of such behavior as a "bug" is also pejorative, since the
>> current semantics are the way they are by design.
> Right, this bug is by design. You learned that phrase from a guy in
> Redmond?
"It's not a bug, it's a feature" predates Microsoft by several years.

If I say you are ugly, that doesn't make it true. Neither does your
calling this a bug make it a bug.

The fact is that Python doesn't behave the way you want it to. If your
friend doesn't want to do what you do, does that make it a bug in his
behavior. You're being a little juvenile here.

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