Python in C

Paul Rubin http
Tue Dec 30 02:51:43 CET 2008

thmpsn.m.k at writes:
> 1. Can anyone explain to me what kind of program structuring technique
> (which paradigm, etc) CPython uses? How do modules interact together?
> What conventions does it use?

There are a bunch of docs about this, you could read them.  The program
is written about the way you would expect if you have worked on 
interpreters written in C before.

> 2. Have there been any suggestions in the past to rewrite Python's
> mainstream implementation in C++ (or why wasn't it done this way from
> the beginning)?

I don't think there has ever been any interest in this.  There is an
effort under way to rewrite Python in Python.  This is called PyPy
(you should be able to websearch for it easily) and should be much
more advanced than the C implementation.  It works now, under some
preliminary definition of "working", but it will be a while before it
is ready for wide deployment.

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