Pythonic design patterns

Michele Simionato michele.simionato at
Thu Dec 4 10:19:41 CET 2008

On Dec 4, 10:09 am, Slaunger <Slaun... at> wrote:
> Hi comp.lang.python
> I am this novice Python programmer, who is not educated as a computer
> scientist (I am a physicist), and who (regrettably) has never read the
> GOF on design patterns.
> I find myself spending a lot of time in Python making some designs, to
> solve some task, which is the end turn out to be closely related to
> well established design patterns / programming idioms, which other
> users in this forum has been kind enough to point out. Only my
> implementations are often not that clean, and I may call things
> something different than the normal convention, which is a source of
> confusion for myself and others trying to communicate with me.
> I guess I could boost my productivity by learning these well-proven
> and well-established design patterns by heart.
> I was therefore wondering if you could recommend a book or a resource
> concerning design patterns with special focus on the possibilities in
> Python?
> In that manner I may be able to both learn programming more pythonic
> AND learn the design patterns.
> -- Slaunger

The Python Cookbook (the printed version) is the best you can find in
this direction.
Also, consider the more recent "Expert Python Programming" by Tarek

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