Adjusting filename and line number

banshee.welton at banshee.welton at
Thu Dec 18 13:40:19 EST 2008


  I'm working with some embedded python and would like to be able to
adjust the reported filename and line number of some embedded user-
written code so that errors returned coincide with things the user
might actually be familiar with.

  In perl I could do this by adjusting the filename and line within a
script like so:
#!/usr/bin/env perl
#line 1000 "myfile.txt"
this is a syntax error

$ perl
Can't locate object method "a" via package "syntax" (perhaps you
forgot to load "syntax"?) at myfile.txt line 1000.

  For what it's worth, the same directive also works as a "C"
preprocessor macro.

  I have searched for ways of managing this in python, but so far have
not found any way of accomplishing this.  Anyone know how it could be


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