%s place holder does not let me insert ' in an sql query with python.

Jean-Paul Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Mon Dec 15 16:36:45 CET 2008

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 18:16:18 +0530, Krishnakant <hackingkk at gmail.com> wrote:
>hello all hackers.
>This is some kind of an interesting situation although many of you must
>have already gone through it.
>I am facing a situation where I have to use psycopg2 and insert rows in
>a postgresql table.
>That's pritty easy and no need to say that it works well.  But there are
>some entries which have an ' in the value.
>I have a venders table in my database and one of the values tryed was
>"His Master's Voice "
>now the master's word has the ' which is used for starting and ending a
>varchar value for postgresql or almost any standard RDBMS.
>Does any one know what is the way out of this?
>how do you let the ' go as a part of the string?
>I have used %s as placeholder as in
>queryString = "insert into venders values ('%s,%s,%s" %
>(field1,field2,field3 ) ...
>This is not working for the ' values.
>can any one suggest a suitable solution?

You got pretty close to the right approach.  All you have to do is
stop doing Python string interpolation.

Don't do this:

    cursor.execute("foo (%s, %s, %s)" % (f1, f2, f3))

Instead, do this:

    cursor.execute("foo (%s, %s, %s)", (f1, f2, f3))

This works for all data and avoid numerous potential security issues.
Doing it this way is called using "bind parameters".  You should always
use bind parameters when executing a statement with variable data.  You
should never ever use Python string interpolation as in the code you
included in your original post (or in some of the other responses you


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