ANN: New Book: Programming in Python 3

Jim jim.hefferon at
Sat Dec 20 23:37:36 CET 2008

I too will be interested in seeing the book.

Nothing wrong with Lout -- and you can choose what suits you best, of
course -- but just a couple of comments on the alternative.

On Dec 19, 5:21 pm, Mark Summerfield <l... at> wrote:
> - I can't draw but I can tell lout to draw for me and that works well
> for my simple needs
There are very competent and widely used packages to draw in LaTeX.
Two are PSTricks and TikZ (you can google them each).

> - embedding graphics (e.g., screenshots) is easy (just convert to EPS)
Similarly for LaTeX.

> - lout lets me specify Type1 fonts so I can easily use my own custom
> Venus font for code & it is easy to embed it which makes publication
> easier
Current distributions of LaTeX contain XeLaTeX which allows you to use
any T1 font that you have (to use it in mathematical text you need to
do more, but I don't expect that you have a lot of mathematical text
in your book).

> - lots of books that use LaTeX have a certain sameness & I don't like
> the computer modern fonts (IMO -- no offence intended)
There are many alternative document styles and fonts available.

> - after more than a decade of using lout I can pretty well get it to
> do anything & everything I want (but I don't claim to be an expert
> user)
Fair enough.


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