Graphics Library with Standard Interaction Features, 2D and 3D

Benjamin Blundell onidaito at
Wed Dec 31 14:12:59 CET 2008

On Dec 31, 12:55 pm, Python <pyt... at> wrote:
> On 31 dec 2008, at 13:37, Benjamin Blundell wrote:
> > Hi all. I've had a look around the forums and the we and im looking
> > for a library (or a set of libraries) for dealing with Visualisation
> > and Interaction in Python. At the moment i've been using Flash with
> > the Five3D library to do most of the work. Sadly this isnt an option
> > anymore but it is a good example. Pretty,anti-aliased 2D and 3D
> > graphics, simple interaction and no need to rewrite the wheel.
> > Im a fan of OpenGL and PyOpenGL is fairly cool but I really dont want
> > to have to write yet another camera, another way of dealing with
> > Vectors, texture organiser, picking, etc etc. Is there a library or
> > set of libraries that people are aware of that might do this? I
> > remember a few in C++ and C but it'd be nicer to stick to working with
> > Python
> > Cheers
> > Ben
> Hey Ben,
> dunno if this is exactly what you;re looking for,
> yet you could have a look at Blender
> it's an open source 3D application and has a python
> scripting engine... (just like maya from Autodesk)
> gr
> Arno

Sorry, I should have explained a little more. I've used Blender quite
a bit and its an ace program.

But what im after is a set of tools for creating a visualisation
program. A while ago, we used QT with the OpenGL plugins and this

Essentially, you mashed these 3 together and you got a proper OpenGL
window with basic mouse looks, picks and all the rest of the
'standard' stuff you cant be arsed coding for the 15th time or so ;)
Model loading is also supported from a small array of formats.

im not uber keen that it has to be opengl but im sure there must be a
similar set of python libs out there. PyGame isnt a bad one at all but
its graphic manipulation routines can be a pain (rotations) and its 2D
only but its certainly along the right lines.


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