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Mon Dec 29 19:46:11 CET 2008

In article <FAD72DE8-D584-4530-A018-5956428CD119 at semanchuk.com>,
 Philip Semanchuk <philip at semanchuk.com> wrote:
> On Dec 29, 2008, at 1:06 PM, Aaron Brady wrote:
> > I don't think relational data can be read and written very easily in
> > Python.  There are some options, such as 'sqllite3', but they are not
> > easy.  'sqllite3' statements are valid SQL expressions, which afford
> > the entire power of SQL, but contrary to its name, it is not that
> > 'lite'.  To me, 'lite' is something you could learn (even make!) in an
> > afternoon, not a semester; something the size of an ActiveState
> > recipe, or a little bigger, maybe a file or two.
> [...]
> After a look at the syntax you're proposing, I wonder how you feel it  
> differs from ORMs like SQLAlchemy (for instance).

... and Elixir, a declarative layer on top of SQLAlchemy:


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