Threads, forks, multiplexing - oh my

Thomas Raef traef at
Mon Dec 22 02:36:33 CET 2008

I have a program that was created by someone else and it does it's job


I now want to run multiple instances of this program on a client, after
receiving the command line and args from a broker, dispatcher, whatever
you want to call it.


This dispatcher will listen for a connection from a client and then pass
this client the command line to run this python program. The client will
receive the command line, run the python program and then go get another
one to run. It might run this program 4 times simultaneously (or so it
will seem).


I've read where forks will run programs but they replace the calling
program - is that correct? Am I reading that right? If so, then my
client program will have to use forks so it can run a program. Then are
threads to run functions and not full-fledged programs?


When, if ever, would I want to look at implementing multiplexing?


Please help me clarify and if possible give me some direction for this.


Thank you in advance.


Thomas J. Raef

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