Python 3.0 crashes displaying Unicode at interactive prompt

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Mon Dec 15 00:03:01 CET 2008

> That's an interesting definition of crash. You're just like saying: "C
> has crashed because I made a bug in my program". In this context, it is
> your program that crashes, not python nor C, it is misleading to say so.
> It will be python's crash if:
> 1. Python 'segfault'ed
> 2. Python interpreter exits before there is instruction to exit (either
> implicit (e.g. falling to the last line of the script) or explicit (e.g
> sys.exit or raise SystemExit))
> 3. Python core dumped
> 4. Python does something that is not documented

It seems to me to be a generally accepted term when an application
stops due to an unhandled error to say that it crashed.

Michael Foord

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