Are Django/Turbogears too specific?

Philip Semanchuk philip at
Mon Dec 22 15:35:28 CET 2008

On Dec 22, 2008, at 1:52 AM, Tino Wildenhain wrote:

> Philip Semanchuk wrote:
> ...
>> I prefer Mako over the other template languages I've seen.
> From what I can tell Mako is nearly identical to all other
> template languages you might have seen (e.g. PHP style
> tags). Thats why I personally would not consider it. Its just
> much of a hassle to mix code and design this way.
> I prefer TAL (template attribute language, ZPT) [1]
> much over the other attempts I've seen ( and I've seen a lot)

That's an excellent example of how Python can accommodate different  
tastes. =) I can't stand TAL; I find it awkward and unPythonic. Your  
comment makes sense, though. Mako and TAL have very different design  
philosophies, and if you really like one, you're probably going to  
find the other strange at best.


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