StringIO in 2.6 and beyond

Bill McClain 20080915.20.wmcclain at
Wed Dec 10 19:55:10 CET 2008

On 2008-12-10, pruebauno at <pruebauno at> wrote:

> I think this combination might do the trick (I don't have 2.6 to test
> it right now):

> from __future__ import print_function
> from __future__ import unicode_literals
> from functools import partial
> import io
> print = partial(print, sep=" ", end="\n")
> out = io.StringIO()
> print("hello", file=out)

The example works, but unicode_literals causes problems elsewhere, in optparse
for example. I didn't look into it too closely. I'll probably give up trying
to anticipate 3.0 with 2.6 too closely.

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