Python's popularity

Richard Riley rileyrgdev at
Mon Dec 22 17:33:34 CET 2008

Marco Mariani <marco at> writes:

> walterbyrd wrote:
>> I have read that python is the world's 3rd most popular language, and
>> that python has surpassed perl in popularity, but I am not seeing it.
> In 20 days, you've gone from trying to import a module by using:
>> load ""
> to questioning the popularity of python.
> You have many other subject you want to enlighten us about, I suppose?
> Cause I wonder what you'll come up with, next.

One does not have to by a language maestro to try and assess its
popularity. While his numbers or his reading of the numbers might be
open to some questions, to suggest that one needs to be totally familiar
with a language to determine its popularity is, frankly, ridiculous.

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