Minor Typo in doc

Kurt Mueller mu at problemlos.ch
Fri Dec 19 10:04:34 CET 2008

Steve Holden schrieb:
> Kurt Mueller wrote:
>> Hi
>> There is a minor typo in the new doc in:
>> http://www.python.org/doc/2.6/library/signal.html
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>> signal.SIG_DFL¶
>> This is one of two standard signal handling options;
>> it will simply perform the default function for the signal.
>> For example, on most systems the default action for SIGQUIT
>> is to dump core and exit, while the default action for
>> is to simply ignore it.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>> should be
>> Should I make a bug report in http://bugs.python.org

> Yes. The documentation give you a link to follow from the bottom of
> each page.
> regards
> Steve

Yesterday evening I made a bug report on bugs.python.org.
(I opened a issue).
This morning it has already been fixed.
(It has been assigned to benjamin.peterson.
 He has fixed it.
 The issue has been closed.)

> Benjamin Peterson <musiccomposition at gmail.com> added the comment:
> Thanks for the report! Fixed in r67848.
> ----------
> nosy: +benjamin.peterson
> resolution: -> fixed
> status: open -> closed

So, that is a great community!
isn't it?
Thanks to all who make this possible.

Kurt Mueller

Kurt Müller, mu at problemlos.ch 

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