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> That's exactly what I have read before posting here ;-)
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> Filip Gruszczyński

I too would like to see a meatier discussion of best practices
for python packagizing.  I particularly object to jcalderone's
suggestion that all tests should be within the package.  Often my
test cases are 100 times the size of the code, if you include
sample data -- it doesn't make sense to install it, I think.

Lately I tend to have something like

       main source modules
       test code and submodules
etcetera...  I have no real idea if this is a good
way to do it, but it works for me in isolation.

I'm completely confused about any implications related to
integrated system testing or "easyinstall"...

Wise, pragmatic advice would be appreciated.  (But if we
could avoid the "buzzillion directories" approach prevalent
in the java alternative universe, that would be nice.)
   -- Aaron Watters

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