Dabo 0.9.0 Released

Ed Leafe ed at leafe.com
Wed Dec 10 20:24:39 CET 2008

We are proud (and relieved!) to finally release Dabo 0.9.0, the first  
official release of the framework in six months. We haven't been  
taking it easy during that period; rather, we made some changes that  
clean up some weak spots in the codebase, and as a result can offer a  
much more solid framework, and are on course for a 1.0 release in the  
near future.

To do this, we made some decisions that break backwards compatibility.  
We dropped support for Python versions earlier than 2.4, and wxPython  
versions below 2.8. Supporting everything is nice to aim for, but  
completely impractical.

There is also a major addition to the framework: the ability to deploy  
Dabo applications as true web apps. Imagine: being able to develop a  
rich internet app using nothing but Python on both the client and  
server! It's still early in the development process, so it's lacking a  
lot of the supporting tools, and almost no documentation has been  
created, but that will be coming in the next few weeks/months. When  
you deploy your app as a web app, all data access and business logic  
is on the server, and the framework automatically handles the  
communication between the client and server. The framework also  
automatically grabs file changes from the server, making UI updates  
seamless and quick. Lots more interesting stuff will be happening in  
this area in the near future, so stay tuned!

If you're not already familiar with Dabo, we're the premier open  
source framework for developing desktop (and now web!) applications in  
Python. We make the difficult stuff like binding databases to UI  
controls simple.

You can grab the latest version from http://dabodev.com/download

A fairly comprehensive list of the changes we've made since the last  
release can be found at http://svn.dabodev.com/dabo/tags/dabo-0.9.0/ChangeLog

And if you want to learn more, join our email list: http://leafe.com/mailman/listinfo/dabo-users

-- Ed Leafe

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