Python's popularity

MRAB google at
Mon Dec 22 20:10:11 CET 2008

r wrote:
> Steve Holden
>> What makes you assume this is a zero-sum game, and that Python won't
>> survive if any other language becomes popular. Every language borrows
>> from those that came before it. Terms like "outright plagiarism" don't
>> encourage rational debate, and make you seem like a troll who is more
>> interested in stirring up controversy than actually doing things to help
>> promote the language.
> This is a war Steve, and i will explain why. Python does not need to
> compete with perl, lisp, C, basic, etc, etc. WHY, well because python
> is SO radically different than those languages. Ruby on the other
> hand, took most from python, the only difference is Ruby's full OO
> integration.(12.method()). Since Ruby is so similar to python we must
> consider that some people who would have found only python in this
> niche now could go to Ruby. I am for choices, but this is out and out
> robbery!
> Of course we must stand on the shoulders of greater minds than our own
> to get ahead, but using someone's knowledge against them is wrong. If
> Ruby want's to incorporate so many Pythonian ideas into their
> language, at least put a note in the tutorial giving credit to Guido
> for his wisdom. Don't use our ideas and then bash python in the next
> breath!
"Pythonian"? A real Pythonista would know it's "Pythonic"! A real 
Pythonista would be called "p", not "r", which sounds very Rubish(?) to 

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