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On Dec 22, 1:50 pm, Luis M. González <luis... at> wrote:
> On Dec 22, 3:44 pm, r <rt8... at> wrote:
> > Steve Holden
> > > What makes you assume this is a zero-sum game, and that Python won't
> > > survive if any other language becomes popular. Every language borrows
> > > from those that came before it. Terms like "outright plagiarism" don't
> > > encourage rational debate, and make you seem like a troll who is more
> > > interested in stirring up controversy than actually doing things to help
> > > promote the language.
> > This is a war Steve, and i will explain why. Python does not need to
> > compete with perl, lisp, C, basic, etc, etc. WHY, well because python
> > is SO radically different than those languages. Ruby on the other
> > hand, took most from python, the only difference is Ruby's full OO
> > integration.(12.method()). Since Ruby is so similar to python we must
> > consider that some people who would have found only python in this
> > niche now could go to Ruby. I am for choices, but this is out and out
> > robbery!
> > Of course we must stand on the shoulders of greater minds than our own
> > to get ahead, but using someone's knowledge against them is wrong. If
> > Ruby want's to incorporate so many Pythonian ideas into their
> > language, at least put a note in the tutorial giving credit to Guido
> > for his wisdom. Don't use our ideas and then bash python in the next
> > breath!
> > > I have an article about the Zen coming up in "Python Magazine" so I
> > > won't steal its thunder. Suffice it to say that people take the Zen far
> > > too seriously. Anyone who does so undermines their own credibility as a
> > > Python commentator. This isn't a war. Stop being childish.
> > I was speaking to the loyalty of Pythonista's. Of course we are not
> > really going to slay mats, come on Steve, get real!
> > > If all you want from a language is speed, go use C. I would avoid
> > > assembly language though, since a modern optimizing C compiler will
> > > often beat an assembly language programmer for execution speed, and the
> > > programming time will definitely be shorter. But to make speed the
> > > be-all and end-all is a witless approach. Speed is definitely not why
> > > dynamic languages' popularity is increasing. Speed *is* still relevant
> > > in certain areas, and completely irrelevant in others.
> > Come on Steve, i am NOT saying speed is the only thing that matters
> > here! But it is very important. I never compared Python to C, that is
> > madness. But it must be better, faster, smarter than it's direct
> > competition(ruby)... you agree??
> > > Much more of this kind of tripe and nobody will read what you write
> > > anyway. You will hear the plonking of a hundred thousand newsreaders
> > > every time you post.
> > Oh Steve... Listen, my words are ment as a wake-up-call to all who
> > still love Python, and i believe you are one of them. Maybe old age
> > has slowed your hand, that's OK, Us "youngsters" will take the helm.
> > And be serious, do you really think this group is read by "hundreds-of-
> > thousands of news readers? I wish it were, but I highly doubt it.
> Dude, calm down... There is no war here.
> Please turn off your computer, go take a walk for awhile, experience
> some real life in the outer world, and then think about this again.
> Python is cool language, Ruby too. We are all happy and competition is
> good.
> Nobody will win this "war" and the loser won't be annihilated. I hope
> there will be some healthy cross-pollination.
> There is actually, for example python borrowed list-comprehensions
> from haskell and I've never heard any haskell fan calling for jihad.
> Did you know that people are looking forward to use pypy to create a
> fast ruby implementation?
> Pypy is being developed by python developers and they will be happy to
> see a ruby, perl, logo or whatever language implemented with pypy. We
> are talking about tools, not religions.
> Those who use them to create useful, real life applications know it.
> Soon, we will be able to use python libraries from ruby and the other
> way around. the differences will be just a matter of taste, different
> syntax to achieve the same tasks.
> Luis

Your right, Python needs Ruby, and do you know why??? The same reason
MS needs, Mac & Linux. So they do not fall asleep at the wheel! This
keeps MS on there toes(although still no explanation for their piss-
poor product).

Python needs Ruby so we don't fall asleep. Ruby may be the best thing
that happened to Python. Wake Up people! The writing is on the Wall!

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