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Tue Dec 16 16:43:38 CET 2008

On 2008-12-16, Hendrik van Rooyen <mail at> wrote:
> "Dennis Lee Bieber" <w...d at> wrote:
> 8<----- stuff blaming Davy for "aluminum" ----------
>> Isn't Davy a Brit?
> No, he was a Brit.
> He's dead now. 
> His safety lamp lives on.
> It's a good thing its got that heat-sink sieve-

should be "it's got" (contracted form of "it has got").

> it's enabled countless miners
> to flee when they see its change of colour.
> Thus it's saved the lives of a lot of canaries,
> and that's of ecological importance.
> Spot the apostrophe error, if you can.

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