Why MyHDL?

Jan Decaluwe jan at jandecaluwe.com
Wed Dec 24 08:52:15 CET 2008

Stef Mientki wrote:
> hello Jan,
> Jan Decaluwe wrote:
>> Hello:
>> MyHDL is a Python package for using Python as a
>> Hardware Description Language.
>> A new release is upcoming, and on this occasion
>> we have prepared a page about why MyHDL may
>> be useful to you:
>>     http://www.myhdl.org/doku.php/why
> Very Interesting,
> I'm no expert at all (but as an exercise I'm just now writing an EDIF-v2 
> to SystemC converter in Python) ,
> I wonder why I only see comparison with VHDL and SystemVerilog,
> and not with SystemC ?

MyHDL's target audience are the users of mainstream HDL-based design
flows (including synthesis and implementation.) I don't encounter
SystemC there.


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