Python, threading

Saju Pillai saju.pillai at
Thu Dec 11 14:33:53 CET 2008

On Dec 11, 6:06 pm, SMALLp <po... at> wrote:
> Hy. I have a problem! I'm making multi thread application (client,
> server) using wxPython for GUI, and threading.Thread for threding.
> Clients connect and when they are connected (evry thread handles one
> connection) threads change main window.
> I neded tip how to make communication between threeds.

Threads already share data your problem would likely be to synchronize
the threads - threading.Sempahore & threading.Lock will help
Maybe you want some threads to wait while other thread(s) do some
work ? - threading.Event & threading.Condition

The documentation on "threading" module is where you should start.


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