Multiple Versions of Python on Windows XP

Colin J. Williams cjw at
Tue Dec 2 21:10:40 CET 2008

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
>>>> What changes are made to the registry?
>>> For a complete list, see Tools/msi/ in the source tree.
>> I have scanned the file:
>> I don't find anything that addresses this issue.
> Read the add_registry function. You may need to first understand
> how the Registry table in an MSI file works.
>> I am seeking some mechanism such that any of Python 2.5, Python 2.6 or
>> Python 2.6 can be chosen as the currently active version.
> If Glenn Lindermann's answer doesn't help, you need to explain:
> what is a "currently active version"? How is one Python version
> more active than any other?
>> I was hoping that there is some simpler way than the "Repair" procedure.
> See Glenn Lindermann's answer.

I'll look at it
>>> It would be good to be more specific with such statements: what troubles
>>> specifically? If I play dumb, I'd say "of course - windows explorer
>>> doesn't support editing Python files; you need a text editor".

Using a right click, one can open any 
.py file with say SciTe.  Within SciTe,
one can Run the current file.

It would be good to have the appropriate 
version (my use of "default") preselected.

>> Yes, I should have been clearer.  The PyScripter application locks up
>> and must be killed, using the Task Manager.
> I think you need to report that to the PyScripter authors as a bug.
> I can't imagine how the "currently active version" can affect what
> PyScripter does.

Yes, I'll do that.


I'll also follow up with Glenn 
Lindermann's answer.

Many thanks,

Best wishes,

Colin W.
> Regards,
> Martin

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