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>> Simple solution: us result=yourString.split(" ") and you get a list with
>> all the words.
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>> guys i need info on how to call up different words in a line of a file
>> using python example : file = 'this is a python coding group'
>> i want to assign a xter to this, is, a, python , coding and group
> thanks brother
> i mean how do i particularly assign (u = this)
>                                     (y = is)....
> in the strings up there. i have been able to split strings with any
> character sign.
Well, if you *know* you have a particular number of words in the string
you can say

u, v, w, x, y, z = 'this is a python coding group'.split()

But if you have a variable number of words this isn't practical in
Python 2, though Python 3 has features that make it easier.

The real question is "what is the larger goal you are trying to
achieve". Where a programmer is trying to create names dynamically there
are usually better ways to proceed. Could you tell us a little more
about what you are trying to do?

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