noob needs help

Sambo sambo at
Wed Dec 3 07:01:34 CET 2008

Peter Pearson wrote:

> When you type "python", python looks for
> in the current "working" directory, which is probably your personal
> default directory ("~").  For better results, either save
> to this directory, or copy it to this directory
> ("cp Documents/ ."), or tell python to look for it
> in the Documents directory ("python Documents/").
> (I'm guessing that your directory structure looks something
> like /home/collin/Documents.  If I've guessed wrong, some
> adjustment may be needed.  Also, if you're feeling ambitious,
> you might want to consider putting this project in a directory
> of its own; that would involve the mkdir and cd commands.)

In slackware one needs "./" before the filename if you executing 
files in current dir.

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