IDLE cursor color

Vicent Giner vginer at
Thu Dec 18 21:12:38 CET 2008

On 18 dic, 20:52, r <rt8... at> wrote:
> in IDLE go to:
> Options -> Configure IDLE -> Highlighting<tab>...
> 1.) in the box click the word "cursor"
> 2.) press the button that says "Choose Color for"
> 3.) Pick a color and save the changes
> viola! you did it! :)

Thank you!

I don't understand... I have tried that before and it didn't work. Now
it does!!  :-S

Previously, I changed the cursor color to green, but nothing happened.
That's why I sent the message to the list.

Now I've changed it again to "pink", and now I can see it, blinking
and blinking...   :-)

Thanks again!


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