Project structure - Best practices

Martin P. Hellwig martin.hellwig at
Mon Dec 1 01:29:58 CET 2008

Aaron Watters wrote:
> On Nov 30, 11:55 am, "Filip Gruszczyński" <grusz... at> wrote:
>> That's exactly what I have read before posting here ;-)
>> --
>> Filip Gruszczyński
> I too would like to see a meatier discussion of best practices
> for python packagizing.  I particularly object to jcalderone's
> suggestion that all tests should be within the package.  Often my
> test cases are 100 times the size of the code, if you include
> sample data -- it doesn't make sense to install it, I think.
I agree on that. But I like to add a couple of my thoughts :-)
In my opinion the structuring of your project depends very much on what 
the project is itself. If it is a more a library sort of thing then I 
tend to keep it as small and simple as possible, with the main objective 
to be simple to understand when interfacing with it. I usually structure 
the package like how I think somebody else would expect it to be.

When I am doing an application type of code for myself, I usually end up 
organizing my program the way it is the easiest to maintain, if 
necessary in this case I would sacrifice small and simple over 
robustness and maintainability.

When I am starting a project which is either a payed contract job or I 
anticipate other participants, I orientate my project more around 
documentation and management, I have written an article in the past 
about that (generally written it was still more aimed to the client I 
was working at that moment). If anybody is interested you can get it 


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