Get a list of functions in a file

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Dec 29 20:20:38 CET 2008

member Basu wrote:
> I'm putting some utility functions in a file and then building a simple 
> shell interface to them. Is their some way I can automatically get a 
> list of all the functions in the file? I could wrap them in a class and 
> then use attributes, but I'd rather leave them as simple functions.

Lets assume that either
1) You only define functions (bind function names) in the module, or
2) You start any other top-level names with '_' so that they do not get 

import utilfuncs
funcs = vars(utilfuncs) # dict of name:func pairs
names = funcs.keys()

# display names and ask user to select 'inputname'
# then, assuming no args

output = funcs[inputname]()


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