help I'm getting delimited

aka alexoplocatie at
Wed Dec 17 11:39:10 CET 2008

Due to being in a hurry I didn't paste correctly (sorry).

The intention is to put values of column 1 ("id") in the roles list,
therefore appending within the loop, to fill a session var.

The complete code is:

roles = []
inp = 'C:/temp/test.csv'
    fp = open(inp, 'rb')
    reader = csv.reader(fp, dialect='excel', delimiter=';')
    for r in reader:
        ## ultimately should be something like or r[0]
        ## first row of csv file should be skipped because of column

    msg = 'Something's wrong with the csv.reader'
return dict(file=inp,roles=str(roles))

The roles list isn't populated at all :(

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