"as" keyword woes

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"Warren DeLano" <warren at delsci.com> writes:

> > But I can offer what I believe is a good reason why it *should* be
> > a reserved word: Because simple is better than complex, and
> > special cases aren't special enough to break the rules.
> So you prefer broken code to broken rules, eh? Your customers must
> love that! This is exactly the kind of ivory-tower thinking I feared
> might be behind the decision (form over function, damn the users to
> hell, etc.)

I don't know how you infer any of those from what I said, nor from the
process of introducing features in Python. None of what you say there
rings at all true with anything I've experienced in Python's core or
the attitudes surrounding development if the language; indeed, quite
the opposite.

> Anyway, it seems obvious that the right decision for our customers
> (or more importantly, for their countless lines of
> autogenerated-Python log, state, and code files from the past
> decade) is to stick with C/Python 2.5.x for the time being […]

This is an entirely reasonable and viable option, all the more so
because of the comprehensive work done by the Python developers to
continue the viability of the Python 2.x line and ease introduction of
new features.

Best of luck pursuing your goals.

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