how to get a beep, OS independent ?

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Sun Dec 7 10:27:29 CET 2008

Rainy wrote:
> On Dec 6, 3:40 pm, Stef Mientki <stef.mien... at> wrote:
>> hello,
>> I want to give a small beep,
>> for windows there's message-beep,
>> and there seems to be something like " curses" ,
>> but that package seems to be totally broken in P2.5 for windows.
>> Any other suggestions ?
>> thanks,
>> Stef Mientki
> For win there's winsound, you have to check sys.platform and do
> what's necessary for the platform in question. In linux I think
> you can just print '\a' (or does that only work in terminals?).
> If you know that ext. speakers are always on, you can do a nicer
> beep by using some wav file, in linux it's probably easiest to
> use an external program to play it, like wavplay. Basically,
> there is no single answer, it depends on circumstances.
> --
'\a' or chr(7) prints an inverted "BEL".
So it looks that Python version independency is even worse than OS 
independency ;-)
I'll take a look at wxPython and Pygame if there's something useful.

anyway thanks,

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