Guido's new method definition idea

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> > > I'd rather say "more acceptable to java-brainwashed developpers".
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> > And I'd rather say you're trolling, but that's ok since you're
> > preaching to the converted. You conveniently forgot to mention the
> C++/
> > Eiffel/Smalltalk/pretty-much-every-OO-lang "brainwashed" developers
> > too. In reality Python, with its kludgy OO and objects being
> > essentially glorified dicts, is the odd one out, not the other way
> > around.
> That's true.  But what would a Python-brainwashed developer be?

Anyone who believes that writing beautiful, unencumbered code is efficient, while still believing that discovering type casting errors at runtime isn't grossly inefficient.

Or given whitespace delimited code, Python developers believe that nothing is important.



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