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Sam samslists at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 01:04:40 CET 2008

Yep...I'm planning on using SysLogHandler.  Although if I were to use
rsyslog, for example, I might potentially be better off using tcp or
even doing it using rfc 3195.  Sysloghandler uses udp...I imagine that
will be faster but with less reliability.  I'll have to think about
that.  Has anyone implemented a library for rfc 3195, or would I have
to do that from scratch.

I was more curious as to what people are using to receive the
messages?  Syslog-ng?  traditoinal?  rsyslog?  Home grown solutions?

I know syslog is already running, but I'm not sure the traditional
version could keep up with all the traffic I'm going to have.  Anyone
know how well it scales compared to the alternatives?


On Dec 5, 12:24 pm, s... at pobox.com wrote:
>     Sam> I've been playing with the python logging module.  I'd like all of
>     Sam> these applications to write their logs to the same place in order
>     Sam> to make analysis easier.
>     Sam> Any ideas on best practices?
> Perhaps use logging.handlers.SysLogHandler?
>     Sam> What are my options for a syslog server to receive the messages?
>     Sam> Rsyslog looks like it would be good.  Anyone know anything else?
> If you're running on a Unix system of any type you should have syslog by
> default.  You shouldn't need to install anything.
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