contour in python

Ayat Rezaee rezaee.ayat at
Thu Dec 25 06:27:11 CET 2008

 Hello, I need your help,
 I want to make a plot something like this program, 
   import Numeric as N
   from contour import contour
   x = N.arange(25) * 15.0 - 180.0
   y = N.arange(13) * 15.0 - 90.0
    data = N.outerproduct(N.sin(y*N.pi/360.), N.cos(x*N.pi/360.))
contour (data, x, y, title='Example')
 but cant import contour ; so I should install contour or do anythings? send ma a link if it should be installed.
 Best regards,

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