To Troll or Not To Troll (aka: "as" keyword woes)

Andreas Waldenburger geekmail at
Fri Dec 5 16:31:07 CET 2008

On Thu, 4 Dec 2008 16:17:20 -0800 "Warren DeLano" <warren at>

> Thank so much for the suggestions Ben.  Sorry that I am personally
> unable to live up to your high standards, but it is nevertheless an
> honor to partipicate in such a helpful and mutually respectful
> community mailing list!
You seem mildly irritated. Please don't be. Clearly you are not
"personally unable" to "live up to" anybody's standards. His advice was
a good one because there is a merrit to standards compliance. Just
because you didn't know the standards (or rather "best
practices") doesn't mean you're in any way deficient.

Is it me, or has c.l.p. developed a slightly harsher tone recently?
(Haven't been following for a while.)


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