sys.maxint in Python 2.6.1 (amd64) on Windows XP x64

Tim Roberts timr at
Thu Dec 18 08:17:44 CET 2008

Lin <shaomumu at> wrote:
>Ah, this makes sense. Thanks...... The main reason I'm trying 64-bit
>Python is that I want to write files bigger than 4GB. This should work
>on Windows x64, right? (i.e., are the pointers bona fide 64 bit?)

Those two questions are not related.  Win32 (NTFS) has always been able to
create files larger than 4GB, and the file APIs that deal with file
positions and file sizes can all handle 64-bit values.

Pointers on Win32 are 32 bits, but that doesn't affect files.  If you want
to map that large file into memory, you have to do it a gigabyte at a time,
but if you're using ReadFile and WriteFile, it's not a problem.
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