Emacs vs. Eclipse vs. Vim

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 21:19:40 CET 2008

Peter Anderson wrote:
> What I have done is skipped the whole Vim/Emacs obscure editor thing 
> and opted for PyScripter (see 
> http://mmm-experts.com/Products.aspx?ProductID=4 ). It might not be as 
> complete/complex as these other editors but it is easy to use and just 
> lets me get on with the task of cutting code.
if it works it's a fair good editor, but if it doesn't (I have to 
restart the editor about each hour) ...
> As a fall-back I also use EditPlus (see 
> http://www.editplus.com/index.html ). Its only for Windows
but PyScripter is also only for windows ;-)
> and its shareware so you need to pay for it. Its clip library makes it 
> a VERY GOOD text editor. It's a real shame there are NO text editors 
> with such a comprehensive and easy to modify clip library function (I 
> would be really pleased to be proven wrong on this last point :-) ).
What so great about it ?
I use a template manager, written in pure python, works under any OS 
(where Python is installed) and can be used with any text editor and is 
open source and completely free. I think it has at least the same 
capabilities as the Komodo clip library.
Somewhere in the middle of the following page are a few notes:
and you can find the sources here:

> However, the best advice I think that can be given about editors is 
> keep trying them until you find the one YOU like. We all like 
> different things, especially when it comes to editors.


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