Is 3.0 worth breaking backward compatibility?

Tim Rowe digitig at
Sun Dec 7 22:48:46 CET 2008

2008/12/7 walterbyrd <walterbyrd at>:
> IMO: breaking backward compatibility is a big deal, and should only be
> done when it is seriously needed.
> Also, IMO, most of, if not all, of the changes being made in 3.0 are
> debatable, at best. I can not think of anything that is being changed
> that was really a "show stopper" anyway.

But that's what a major release number does for you. Modula2 was quite
a break from Modula. Think of Python3.0 it as a new language, if you
like, that's inspired by Python2. You can stay with Python2 or you can
adopt the new language. That way you won't have to think of it in
terms of breaking any sort of backwards compatibility because there is
no backwards ;-)

Tim Rowe

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