HELP!...Google SketchUp needs a Python API

ajaksu ajaksu at
Tue Dec 2 03:17:09 CET 2008

r, you could just calm down, stop your trolling and wait to see if
more people like greg are able to see a good idea behind your awful

Seriously, you're talking nonsense to people that have actively
promoted, taught, developed with and helped develop Python for years.
You're mistaking lack of support for your plea (to your format and
Ruby-bashing, mostly) for something completely different.

I wouldn't get a lot of supporters to the call of "HELP, Opera needs
to support Python in webpages", and would need to be crazy(ier) to
take any offense in that. So, you sound like a loony when you face
that situation with a "I'll fight for FREEDOM, against all you
turncoats, and I don't hate Ruby, that Satan spawn!".

 Just pretend to be normal a little harder (many of us do it [like me
{and myself}]) and you'll be all set.

I'd like to try hacking some form of Python to work in SketchUp (on
top of Ruby, that is). Now, why won't I try to? I'm a Linux user and
we don't get a SU version. So much for FREEDOM. BTW, some things in SU
have encrypted Ruby code behind them :)

Anyway, if I could hack on it, I'd try to get the Ruby API talking to
Python. The main thing would be checking what RPy[0] and RubyPython[1]
can offer, hoping that Bridge[2] can still work its magic with the new
versions of SU. Given that people get WxRuby[3] and DLLs[4] working
with SU-Ruby, Python sounds feasible.

Good luck to anyone trying to get the software done :)



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