Mathematica 7 compares to other languages

Xah Lee xahlee at
Wed Dec 10 00:11:20 CET 2008

On Dec 8, 5:25 pm, Terry Reedy <tjre... at> wrote:
> Lest anyone doubt that problem size is important for comparing program
> run times, consider ...

just in case there's any doubt:

Simply change these lines in Jon's program:

Main[9, 512, 4] to Main[9, 512, 4.]

and it will run faster.

Also, change this line:

 Block[{scene = Create[level, {0, -1, 4}, 1]},


 Block[{scene = Create[level, {0., -1., 4.}, 1.]},

will make it faster further. (both of which are in my version. The
“Block” can be replaced with “With”.)

As i said, this error in a Mathematica code in the context of speed is
a major blunder. His denial makes him a stubborn moron.


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