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Joel Koltner zapwireDASHgroups at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 31 18:55:43 CET 2008

"Gerhard Häring" <gh at ghaering.de> wrote in message 
news:6rvgihF3je6sU1 at mid.uni-berlin.de...
> Using an ORM when you don't grasp the relational model and/or the SQL query 
> language is futile.

You'd probably be surprised just how many people there are out there using 
SQLlite (and other databases) who have no more than a 5 minute introduction to 
relational databasess.  "See, you have tables, and you can stick columns for 
various attributes, and then add records for rows, and if you make multiple 
tables you specify which attribute becomes a 'key value' to find the 
corresponding record in another.  Have fun!"

> That's probably the case for many other abstraction layers, too.

GUIs come to mind...

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