To Troll or Not To Troll (aka: "as" keyword woes)

Warren DeLano warren at
Thu Dec 4 19:17:20 EST 2008

> From: Ben Finney <bignose+hates-spam at>
> "Chris Mellon" <arkanes at> writes:
> > Peculiarities in usenet resulted in this discussion having several 
> > threads and I missed some messages before I wrote this email.
> I'll put this more bluntly: Warren's messages to date 
> egregiously break the flow of discussion.
> Warren, in the interest of sane discussion in these forums, please:
> * preserve attribution lines on quoted material so we can see who
>   wrote what.
> * use the convention of ?New subject (was: Old subject)? when you
>   change the ?Subject? field of a message.
> * switch to a client that preserves threading in messages you send,
>   i.e. that properly constructs the ?References? and ?In-Reply-To?
>   fields.
> General advice good for everyone, of course, but particularly 
> apropos to this reply. Any one of the above is detrimental to 
> omit; striking on all three makes a discussion almost 
> impossible to follow. (Thank you, though, for avoiding the 
> worse habit of top posting!)

Thank so much for the suggestions Ben.  Sorry that I am personally
unable to live up to your high standards, but it is nevertheless an
honor to partipicate in such a helpful and mutually respectful community
mailing list!


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