tkinter 3.0 multiple keyboard events together

Pavel Kosina geon at
Fri Dec 26 17:44:08 CET 2008

janislaw napsal(a):
> On 26 Gru, 05:52, Pavel Kosina <g... at> wrote:
>> Is it possible to catch in an event more that one key from keyboard? In
>> my code, I can handle always the only one, the first I press, the others
>> are omitted. Say, I press both "4" and "8" and only "4" is catched.
>> def movePlayer(event):
>>     print (event.keysym)
> Each keypress triggers another event. Fortunately there are two types
> of events: reaction to press and release. The logic to write to
> recognize those as simultaneous clicks is up to you :)

Might you give me a little bit more? Just a link to a site where this is 
explained and showed would be OK. I really did my best but everything is 


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