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Thu Dec 25 12:34:40 CET 2008

On 25 dec 2008, at 11:22, Dennis van Oosterhout wrote:

> Hi there! I was searching for a way to clear the 'DOS screen'/ 
> command screen etc. and found that os.system('cls') works for this.  
> I was just wondering where I can find al the commands which can be  
> used for os.system(). I searched with google but I didn't find an  
> answer. In the official python tutorial it says os.system('command')  
> executes the command, but it doesn't say which commands exist (or  
> I'm just blind).
> Does anyone have an answer for this question?
> Thanks,
> Devilly

Hey Deville,

os.system() executes commands that you usually use in a shell outside  
so in the case of you being a windows user, you replace 'command' with  
any DOS


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