Rename of .mdb file -- lock

noydb jenn.duerr at
Fri Dec 12 03:15:59 CET 2008


I have the code below, which unzips a zipfile containing only one
file.  Once it is unzipped, I want to rename the file based on a user
provided name.  But I get this (WindowsError: [Error 32] The process
cannot access the file because it is being used by another process)
error, which does not make sense to me as no other apps are open.

Any suggestions?


# Declare the zip file directory and name (shouldn't change, in a
permanent location)
mdb_zip = ("C:\\ProjWork\\")

output_dir = ("C:\\Temp")

# ZipFile for read
z = zipfile.ZipFile(mdb_zip, 'r')
zFile = z.namelist()

# Put contents of zipfile into a list
zList = z.namelist()

# Loop thru list, write zipfile contents to new directory
for zItem in zList:
    print "Unpacking",zItem
    zRead =
    z1File = open(os.path.join(output_dir, zItem),'wb')
print "Finished extracting zip file"

uChoice = "test44.mdb" ## to be user chosen someday
new91mdb = os.path.join(output_dir, zItem) # C:\TEMP\GDB_9_1.mdb

##os.rename(new91mdb, (os.path.join(output_dir, uChoice)))
os.rename(new91mdb, (os.path.join(output_dir, "C:\TEMP\test1.mdb")))

del new91mdb

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