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I set the follow-ups header appropriately, as per established newsgroup 
etiquette. The deceitful not-abuser set the newsgroups back, 
inappropriately. Sorry if my reply annoys anyone, but I'm sticking to 
proper usage.

>>> "Certification of Live Birth" that Obama propaganda machine calls his
>>> "Birth Certificate". The American people are still waiting for a copy
>>> of Obama's original birth certificate that includes all his birth
>>> information.

>> The document is what Hawaii provides as certified copy of birth record.
>> It contains all the information the federal government requires to prove
>> citizenship by birth, and it shows that Barack Hussein Obama was born 04
>> August 1961 in Honolulu. See:
> This garbage on is a worthless piece of paper
> insufficient to prove a US citizenship much less a natural born one.

That's not true within the law as established under the U.S. 
Constitution. Barack Obama's site showed the document he got from Hawaii 
-- which form that the U.S. Department of State accepts. 
went it and and examined the record:

> You need to have a long version of legitimate birth certificate that
> includes all birth information.

You tell not the truth. The link shows a record from Hawaii. Hawaii 
became a U.S. state on 21 August 1959, and thus the record is entitled 
to the "full faith and credit" granted to state records under the U.S. 
Constitution Article IV Section 1.

Does the record establish that he is a "natural born" citizen? The given 
record shows that BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA was born on "August 4, 1961" in 
the city of HONOLULU on the island of OAHU (capitalization in original). 
The U.S. Constitution, Amendment 14 section 1, states that all persons 
born in the United States are citizens. B. H. Obama is a citizen of the 
USA by birth.

>> Remind your US presidential electors of their constitutional duty to
>>> investigate Obama's natural-born citizen status.
>>> No federal agency like FBI or Secret Service, no Hawaii bureaucrats
>>> have ever investigated Obama's birth in Hawaii. Many illegal aliens in
>>> USA have official "birth certificates" issued by state bureaucrats on
>>> the basis of falsified birth records.
>> Janice Okubo of Hawaii's Department of Health confirmed that the state
>> has Obama’s original birth certificate on record:
>> [...]
> Do you have a sufficient IQ to actually grasp what this news release
> says?

Questioning the other guy's IQ? You must be new to Usenet.

> Get one thing straight for your own self interest! THERE ARE TENS OF
> THREATENS THE US CONSTITUTION - so better use all your brain cells in
> your own self interest to resolve this matter now and not later. Run
> to Obama and beg him to release all birth records or things will not
> get any better. You are playing with fire.

Now we see your true stripes. You pretend to be a loyal American, but 
really you are a hater and a traitor, using guns to threaten anyone who 
dares to actually stand up for the U.S. Constitution.

Follow-ups again set to talk.politics. Of course that may be futile in 
dealing with this kind of scumbag.


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