New Python 3.0 string formatting - really necessary?

Christian Heimes lists at
Fri Dec 19 19:10:59 CET 2008

walterbyrd schrieb:
> On Dec 19, 9:13 am, "Giampaolo Rodola'" <gne... at> wrote:
>> You can use the old 2.x syntax also in Python 3.x:
> Yeah, but it's deprecated, and - as I understand it - may be removed
> completely in future versions. Also, in the future, if you are working
> with code from another developer, it's likely that developer will use
> the new format. I suppose you can use both - but what an awful mess
> that would be.

It's not going to be removed for many years - if ever. The % string
formatting system is not deprecated in 3.0. For that very reason it must
stay until 3.2. We don't have plans to deprecate it in 3.1 so it will
stay at least until Python 3.3 which is to be released about 2014.


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