Are Django/Turbogears too specific?

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Mon Dec 22 23:25:54 CET 2008

> I'd like to rewrite a Web 2.0 PHP application in Python with AJAX, and
> it seems like Django and Turbogears are the frameworks that have the
> most momentum.
> I'd like to use this opportunity to lower the load on servers, as the
> PHP application wasn't built to fit the number of users hammering the
> servers now.
> I'm concerned, though, that these frameworks they may be too specific
> to the tasks they were originally developped for (news articles,
> AFAIK). Do you think I should just use eg. CherryPy and some basic

The 1.x branch of tg is built on cherrypy, the 2.x branch is built on
pylons. Both branches depend on external packages for most of their
functionality which makes them very flexible. Django is monolithic and
was intended to be monolithic. Of course you can customize it and use
different components than the defaults, but after all *everything* is
customizable since the source code is there and you can modify it. The
point is that tg was designed with flexibility and customizability in
mind, while django was designed with a monolithic infrastructure in

The 1.x branch of tg is stable and has been for years while the 2.x
branch is in beta but will be released soon as a stable, production


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