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> On Dec 22, 10:09 pm, Ben Kaplan <bs... at> wrote:
> > That's just because most of us don't say anything unless we have
> > something useful to say. We prefer to let the experts answer the
> > questions, but we read the threads so we can benefit from them.
> OK Ben, So you are saying
> 1.) do not question the gods!
> 2.) speak only when spoken to!
> 3.) do not have an opinion!
> Somehow this reminds me of some old and brainwashing religions, Not an
> OSS project. Just observations Ben.

You're the one who keeps bringing up the need to spread python. For most
people, this is a forum to ask questions and have experts respond to them.
Most people who post here aren't looking for your opinion, they want
answers. If you know the answer to a question, answer it. If not, read the
answers of people who have seen it before. When you post your opinions,
you're just creating more noise.

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