Python's popularity

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Mon Dec 22 23:23:45 CET 2008

On Dec 22, 11:50 am, Bruno Desthuilliers
<bdesth.quelquech... at> wrote:

> > When it comes to web development, it seems to me that ruby
> > (because of rails) is far more popular
> s/popular/hyped/

I'm not so sure. Go to, enter "ruby rails" no quotes, search
all words, job titles only - I got 86 hits, and another five hits when
I searched for "RoR."

Do the same search, but substitue "python django" for "ruby rails" and
I get 3 hits.

Doing the search for just "ruby" and I get 121 hits. Doing the search
for just "python" and I get 61 hits. Just "rails" and get 94 hits,
just "django" and I get 4 hits.

Not scientific, but there is substantial  difference.

> Fooled by version numbers ?

No, but I am giving django the benefit of the doubt. The django
project told people all along that django was not to be considered
production ready before 1.0. I will accept that some people decided to
wait until 1.0 came out to do any production development. Maybe django
is only lagging because 1.0 just came out?

> My actual CTO is a big Ruby/Rails fan, yet he settled on Python/Django
> for our current 'big' project. Wonder why ?

Not knowing much about RoR: yes, I wonder why? Is it because python
has a cleaner syntax? Or what?

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